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True words

An awesome outlook on life from a great webcomic.  I've decided to challenge myself to think this way when the opportunity arises:


EarthTainer, round three

So far we've had one failure (carrots) and one success (broccoli). Encouraged by this last success, we've maybe gotten a bit bolder in our attempts at EarthTainer gardening. We've planted two cherry tomatoes plants, two poblano plants, and one tomatillo plant. Fingers crossed!


Earthtainer broccoli!

We got a pleasant surprise when we got back from Portland earlier this week:

It took a while, but the broccoli we planted in the earthtainer is finally coming in!  Now it's taking all my energy to not pick it right away.


Interesting Kickstarter project

The web can certainly use a big dose of responsible reporting right about now...

Feelin' like a farmer!

I finally got to plant our "fall crop" today!  I decided to use a mixture of 3 parts Miracle-Gro potting mix to 1 part perlite.  Feeling pretty excited about it, but now that the seeds are planted, I have to be patient and let them sprout, etc.  I used a little bit of soluble plant food to help get them started.  That's going to be the hard part...


This year we planted American spinach, dragon carrots, and scarlet nantes carrots.  All the seeds were bought from

Hopefully something will sprout in the next two weeks.