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It's a surreal world...

Word has it that water ice has been found on the surface of Mars. How did I hear this? From a tweet posted by the Mars rover Phoenix.

We truly live in wondrous times...


Cities of light...

Seeing this makes me wonder if giants feel the same way when they look back at their trail of foot-prints across the land. I agree with the narrator that the city-prints each contain their own form of beauty, but consider the cost in energy represented by each one. I'm no activist, by any means, but the majority of these lights are ultimately powered by a finite supply of fossil fuels:

Image from ISS, NASA


Follow the money...

A few days ago, NASA announced that one of the media-darling Mars Rover, Spirit, was going to be shut down due to budget cut backs at NASA. Then much back-peddling ensued. While I'm glad that the agency is going to continue exploring the surface mars, I'm left wondering: what will NASA be cutting instead?

Although this is a win for the Mars Exploration Program, the fact remains that NASA still has to cut $4 million worth of fat.